Statements by Suffolk County Republican Party Chairmen following the NY-1 Democrat Party primary

For Immediate Release
June 26, 2018


Holtsville, N.Y (June 26, 2018) Statements by Suffolk County Republican Party Chairmen following the NY-1 Democrat Party primary:


“Spending more than $250 per vote, Park Avenue Perry Gershon purchased the Democrat Party nomination for Congress.  The party of Maxine Waters chose Park Avenue Perry, a Pelosi-loving, quasi-socialist as their nominee for Congress.  As we move closer to November’s general election, our hometown Congressman, Soldier, and Family Man, Lee Zeldin, will be ready, his army of enthusiastic supporters are ready, and voters of the great First Congressional District are ready to return our voice to Washington to continue growing our economy, protecting our national security, defeating ISIS and MS-13, securing our borders, and producing other results to move America onward and upward!” Said John Jay LaValle, Suffolk County Republican Chairman.
“Park Avenue Perry is the definition of a carpetbagging politician, registering to vote just recently in our Congressional District just to try and buy himself a congressional seat. Park Avenue Perry is a far left, out of touch Manhattan liberal who is outspoken on making Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House again. He should be running for office where he is actually from in NYC. Our Congressman, Lee Zeldin, is doing an exceptional job representing our district. Our economy is improving and national security is strong. Our hometown Congressman is cracking down on illegal immigration and gang violence, while delivering desperately needed infrastructure money, water quality funding, and other important priorities,” stated Jesse Garcia, Brookhaven Republican Town Chairman.


“Park Avenue Perry can’t hold a candle to our hometown Congressman Lee Zeldin. It’s insulting and outrageous that Park Avenue Perry registered in NY-1 just to run for Congress. Lee Zeldin is actually from our district, is raising his family in our local schools, fought for our country, and is delivering wins to us time and again. Lee’s family is from Smithtown and his mother graduated from Kings Park High School. Lee was a small business owner here, starting and running a successful practice right on Main Street in Smithtown. Unlike Park Avenue Perry, our Congressman supports securing our borders, is working directly with President Trump to fight gang violence, and is always accessible to the constituents of the district. He is a champion for the working class, and Smithtown residents will do our part to deliver a massive, landslide win in our town for Lee Zeldin this November.” – said Chairman Bill Ellis, Smithtown Town Chairman.


“Southampton Town voted for our Congressman Lee Zeldin in 2016 and we will do so again in 2018! Whether it has been delivering federal funds for local projects, cutting through red tape with federal agencies to help Southampton residents, expanding options for our veterans, or bringing our quality of life concerns directly to the President of the United States, Congressman Zeldin has been a champion for our community. It would be crazy to elect in his place, a person who just moved into the district only to run for Congress in our area. It’s even crazier that the Democratic Party actually nominated someone from NYC as their party’s standard bearer in the First Congressional District,” said David Betts, Southampton Republican Town Chairman.


“We don’t need another Pelosi Puppet representing us in Congress; been there, done that. Park Avenue Perry was literally, by far, Pelosi’s biggest cheerleader in this Dem primary, and has pledged to make her Speaker of the House again. Park Avenue Perry’s candidacy is a non-starter simply for how he registered to vote in East Hampton just to run for Congress. We need a leader like our Congressman Lee Zeldin who has consistently stood up to deliver for Southold. Since taking office, he has worked with members across party lines to increase funding for the Long Island Sound Program and National Estuary Program, pass his legislation in the House to save Plum Island, kill a flawed proposal to reroute thousands of Connecticut tractor trailers on to the Cross-Sound Ferry and local roads throughout the North Fork, pass his proposal to revisit the deeply flawed North Shore Helicopter Route and continue to deliver funding for infrastructure improvements. We need to return Congressman Lee Zeldin’s independent voice, our voice, to Washington this November,” – said Peter McGreevy, Southold Town Republican Chairman.


“Park Avenue Perry registered to vote in our district just to try to purchase himself a Congressional seat. That is unacceptable to Shelter Island residents. Congressman Lee Zeldin has represented us exceptionally, getting legislation passed to combat Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases, saving the Land and Water Conservation fund, getting his bill passed the House to save Plum Island, and securing House passage of his proposal to move helicopter traffic away from Shelter Island. As a lifelong resident of NY-1, Congressman Zeldin knows our district like the back of his hand, and has consistently delivered for the working class,” said Gary Blados, Shelter Island Republican Town Chairman.


“Congressman Zeldin has served our country honorably as both a Congressman and member of our armed forces.  He continues to protect our communities, by working with local law enforcement officials to bring an end to gang violence and the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic. Park Avenue Perry only very recently registered to vote in our Congressional District so that he could try to buy himself a seat in Congress. Riverhead’s vote isn’t for sale Park Avenue Perry and we love our great Congressman!”- Said Tammy Robinkoff, Riverhead Town Republican Chairwoman.


“The choice is clear: Park Avenue Perry has no business running for Congress in NY-1 simply based on the fact that he registered to vote in our district only to run for Congress.  Lee Zeldin is our hometown Congressman who has fought for our local interests every day in Washington. He secured $24 million in funding for a federal/state partnership to repair the Montauk Lighthouse, is a strong vocal champion for our local fishermen, strongly opposes offshore drilling, just secured critical funding to dredge Lake Montauk, and worked across party lines to secure other critical funding for our East End environment. Lee Zeldin is a Congressman, soldier, and family man, who is fighting, winning, and delivering for the East End,” stated Amos Goodman, East Hampton Republican Town Chairman.


“Park Avenue Perry is a far left, out of touch Manhattan Democrat who just recently moved into our great Congressional District only to run for Congress. Congressman Zeldin, on the other hand, has lived here in Suffolk his entire life. From his work to create an immigration court on Long Island to expedite the removal of criminal illegal aliens, to his success bringing home critical federal dollars for infrastructure, Lee Zeldin is always delivering results in a 100 more ways than one. I look forward to returning him to the House in November.”- Said Bill Garbarino, Islip Town Chairman.