Chairman LaValle’s Statement on the NY-1 Democratic Primary

With more than 90% of the eligible Democrat voters refusing to even cast a vote for either candidate, I congratulate Anna Throne-Holst for winning the contest for being the most out of touch liberal Congressional candidate in Suffolk County. Throughout her primary, she proved she has more in common with Nancy Pelosi than the residents of our Congressional District. We don’t want to be represented in Congress by a far left extremist who will support policies that kill jobs and make our nation less safe, and we can’t afford Nancy Pelosi to be the Speaker of the House again.

The importance regarding the details of how Throne-Holst won the Democratic primary must not be overlooked either. Until today, the Democratic primary was too close to call, with Throne- Holst leading Dave Calone by a mere 29 votes when polls closed a couple Tuesdays ago.  We have learned about both Democratic candidates through their ads and websites, and I think it is imperative that we now learn that one of them is willing to bend the rules if it means securing a victory. Throne-Holst won this primary in part by bringing corrupt Bill de Blasio tactics and Manhattan voters to Suffolk County.

In a June 30th Newsday article entitled “Nail-Biter of a Primary,” it was reported that “the Throne-Holst campaign made an appeal this month to supporters with homes in Manhattan, reminding them that they could change their voter registration to Suffolk County and request an absentee ballot.’

Inciting those who are residents of Manhattan for the majority of the year – a likely ten months out of twelve – to be able to influence our community is unacceptable. They do not have the same stake in the outcome; and they don’t have the same invested in Suffolk County as its year-long residents. Throne-Holst should be ashamed of the tactics she used to win this primary.

John Jay LaValle

John Jay LaValle